Koffgokhan is a "live animation performance" project by visual artist Gokhan Okur based in London, UK. He paints and animates in real-time and creates hand-drawn animated digital artworks. He joins musicians to build visual compositions on the fly; music is a great inspiration for setting up the scene and pacing the animations.

His visual themes include complex-dynamic geometric designs, psychedelic shamanic faces, otherworldly science fiction landscapes and cute cartoon creatures that come to life with light. He improvises and explores new vibes in the ephemeral nature of audiovisual experiences.

Koffgokhan has performed at many venues and jazz clubs in London, such as Colour Factory, 91Living Room, NT's Loft, Temple of Art and Music, Vortex Jazz Club, Ruby's Jazz Club, The Jago, The Grow, The Others and more.



London has a vibrant live music scene. I join the musicians and create live animations in real-time. You can view some short spinnets from various jam sessions below. 



Here are some little music video experiments that I made from my live animation recordings.
Used After Effects to have a mirror effect.



Here are some concept development and photos from gigs. 




I draw, paint and animate in real-time on an iPad Pro & Pen using the Tagtool app.


I am bounded by time and hardware limitations. No stock videos, colossal render processes or code lines to generate images. Everything is hand-drawn.

Explore, Design, Rehearse

I build a visual language with forms, colour, movement and compositions. Elements of the language form complex yet harmonious animations.


Cascading structure with human errors in animation; yields more than 10+ Million frames for a perfect loop.


I rehearse the visual language before the performance but let my intuition and emotions affect the artwork as I stand in front of the audience at that specific event.