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I help brands, agencies and musicians to amaze their target audiences with memorable animated videos. We tell engaging stories, develop eye-candy visuals and reach clients' goals.

Producing music videos, tv commercials, branded content, ident & promos, game art, visual development and motion graphics for the last twelve years.

We love embracing bespoke and custom-tailored approaches within our commissioned work. Some of our clients are; Universal Music, Cartoon Network, Fox TV, FX, Turner Media, Ford, Jotun, Siemens, Yandex...


Making short animated films is my passion and I directed numerous films since 2004 and acclaimed by international festivals. You can find my independent films below.

MÜSLÜM - The Father of Tormented

Directed animated short telling the story of Turkish arabesque singer superstar Müslüm Gürses. The subject of academic curiosity and discussion, Müslüm Baba, as he was known, attracted a rabidly faithful audience that would descend into a state of euphoric melancholy and razor-inflicted self-harm.

Seeped into a surreal narrative, the short film takes a trip into Papa Müslüm’s life of sadness and fortune, beginning in an old village hut and ending in the glamorous and harsh city of İstanbul. 

Making of the process is here

SEBA - The Legendary Chairman

Directed an animated short telling the story of Süleyman Seba, the virtuous man who during is time as president of the Beşiktaş Football Club, withstood the forces of fraud and corruption that infected every level of the football industry. 

Having made many enemies from all sides, Süleyman Seba nevertheless rose to legendary status by the time he left his position as chairman. Few men inspired the kind of loyalty and respect Süleyman Seba receives and we hope our animated tribute does him justice. 

Making of process is here.

ZEKİ - The Sun of Art 

The movie starts in the Hisar district of Bursa. The splendour of Zeki, who is the only child of the household, offends the sun and the world ends up without any light. The story, fictionalized by a surreal narration, proceeds correspondingly with the real life of Zeki Müren and narrates the story of the world reaching the sun again.

MÜZEYYEN - Diva of the Republic

Prime Minister Let Go!

Last Train Ride

Off The Phone

Wave Theory

Mobilisation Exercises

Koff loves 41? 29!

Behind the scenes of creative business:

this is the story of how I made the animation for 41? 29! advertising agency. 

Hrant Dink - This case won't end like this.

Harlem Shake

Facebook Covers Animated

At Koff Animation we are sharing "what is happening in the studio" via Facebook covers.

2 Hit Combo

Red Riding Hood


Scared of Nuclear

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