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Eleganza Extravaganza New Year's Eve 2023

New Year's Eve is one of the most extraordinary moments for us - it is a time of togetherness as we express gratitude to the year behind while connecting and dancing into the New Year with style and abundance. Let's create the New Year's Eleganza Extravaganza together!


We've secured a newly restored historical venue in Hoxton which has been hosting music events for the past 100 years, so we will get a chance to dance our night away in the room where Charles Dickens used to prop up the bar.

☽ Music by:

  • Hugø - seasoned burner, long time world traveller, model and talented DJ will welcome you with the warmest melodic and organic house sounds from the start of the night into the New Year. Don't miss this superstar and a very special guest!

  • Obscenity State - poetically transcending the ages, Obscenity State transfixes listeners with her unique blend of electronica, expansive sound design, twisting female vocals and intense dance rhythms. Obscenity State's audio-visual performance, embraces the dramatic beauty of light, submerging the audience into her alternative world.

  • Fheonix - a Romanian producer and live act with a mixture of melodic techno and progressive house sound embedded with uplifting melodies and synth solos will be debuting his original live electronic performance to get you into the dance moves

  • Maurin - Germany-based producer, DJ and our dear friend coming to London especially to fuel you up with his deep bass-heavy dark sounds mixed with a harmonic, driving atmosphere. His set at our last event had us going way past the cleaner's time, no kidding!

  • Sam Razr - a Germany-based DJ plays various sounds of techno from deep groove foundations to breakbeat with explorations of various soundscapes and harder styles. By this time of the night, you'll be ready for it, trust us!

  • Kinga Kanicka - a London-based electronic musician and performer from Poland will be showcasing their dark techno beats in a live improvisation set using an analogue synth kit. Ever raved to live music?? 2023 has it ready for ya!

☽ Visual art by:

  • Gokhan Okur - a visual artist and animator who puts on spectacular live animation performances creating hand-drawn animated digital artworks on the fly using his mobile draw pad. Gokhan elevated our last event Dare To Dream and has been accompanying the top underground raves and live events around London for the last few years.

  • Max PSYD - a Switzerland-based photographer and digital artist documenting places, people, and other eccentricities he's observed in nature and world. On NYE, he'll transform these images into abstract moving art that contains a hidden image or message, a new wave of art he pioneers under the name "psychodynamic art".

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