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Dare to Dream Party

We invite you to join us for an immersive party experience with your party family co-hosted by pan-European Burning Man camp Eurotrash Sangria Bar and Carpe Noctem. We like our happy times served hot and delicious, and we like to share our meals with friends. We’re preparing for you a house party vibe mixed with a festival, cooked in an intimate art deco venue, with a sprinkle of desert dust. Come and bring friends :)

☽ Full embrace of our favourite principles of radical inclusion, radical self-expression, communal effort, and civic responsibility

☽ 2 rooms to dance, explore and immerse yourself into incredible sounds of Burning Man community DJs and friends:

☽ Live performances by:

☽ Spectacular live animation performance from our incredibly talented visual artist friend Gokhan Okur who joins musicians to create hand-drawn animated digital artworks on the fly

☽ An immersive sensory music experience, which takes you on a journey to explore human connection through sound and touch with Nata In Furs

☽ Chillout lounge with hot tea and a comfy space to connect, relax, and regroup

☽ Bar and café with snacks

☽ Outdoor space

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