Hello! I am Gokhan Okur.
I am a live animation artist & director based in London working on visual performances, digital art and animated films.


I paint and animate in real-time, and create hand-drawn animated digital artworks. I join musicians to build visual compositions on the fly; music is a great inspiration for setting up the scene and pacing the animations.

I did live animation at the following venues in London, UK:
Colour Factory, 91Living Room, NT’s Loft, Vortex Jazz Club, Ruby’s Jazz Club, The Jago, The Grow, The Others and more.


More information and performance videos are on Live Animation page.


I am the Founder and CEO of the multi-award winning animation studio Koff, based in London. I help brands, agencies and musicians to amaze their target audiences with memorable animated videos. We tell engaging stories, develope eye-candy visuals and reach clients' goals.

Some of our clients are; Universal Music, Cartoon Network, Fox TV, FX, Turner Media, Ford, Jotun, Siemens, Yandex... check animated films.


My artwork is a paradoxical response to AI-generated, code-based, high-rendered hallucinations, hyper-real three dimensional worlds, machines fed with human creativity and wisdom.

More information and artworks are on Art & NFT page.