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to AI-generated, code-based, high-rendered hallucinations, hyper-real three-dimensional worlds, machines fed with human creativity and wisdom products. I am merely mimicking them with my hands and humble algorithms; duplication, repetition, scale, movement, rhythm, offset, color and symmetry. I draw, design and animate in real-time with errors and defections. As I perform, the artwork in our three-dimensional universe becomes imprinted in the Blockchain of our nature Spacetime, and shared "MemoryChain" with the audience will decay, falsified and forgotten, unlike the technology we are praising now. By minting the art piece as I perform, I explore a path to capture emotions, memories, location, soundscape and audience into the artwork.


In Development


A salute to T-800. Thanks to Boston Dynamics that I believe we will see some T-100 in my life time.

Fourth Dimension

The most exquisite and vivid description of the fourth dimension in fiction belongs to Cixin Liu in my heart. Immense inspiration, thank you. 

Imprinted Bodies

Infinite loops on decaying bodies.

Black Emperor

Frank Herbert's Dune inspired visions, faces, emperors, behemoths and Harkonnens.

Faces of Mass Destruction

A long going personal experimentation spread across years and dense layers. Finally, happy to share.

I May Destroy You

The discord brought by the acclaimed TV Series is worth to take action! Live animation performances at specific locations in London. 

Explore, Design, Rehearse

I start to build a visual language for a collection with forms, colour, movement and compositions. Elements of the language form complex yet harmonious animations. Cascading structure with human error in animation timing yields more than 10+ Millions frames for a perfect loop. The whole piece can be examined from the beginning till the end, only in a few thousand hours at a 50 fps video. I rehearse the language prior to the performance but let my intuition and emotions affect the art piece as I stand in front of the audience at that specific Spacetime. 

Live Animation Performance

I paint and animate in real-time. Use Tagtool as my primary tool, and experiment with many apps such as Looom and Alchemy. I am bounded by time and hardware limitations. No colossal render processes or code lines to generate images. 


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I am the hybrid. I believe in revision.

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