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Live Animation Performance

I paint, design and animate in real-time with errors and defections. As I perform, the artwork in our three-dimensional universe becomes imprinted in the Blockchain of our nature Spacetime, and shared "MemoryChain" with the audience will decay, falsified and forgotten, unlike the technology we are praising now. I explore a path to capture emotions, memories, location, music and audience into the artwork.

Jam Sessions, The Others / Stoke Newington, London / Feb. 2020

Explore, Design, Rehearse
I start to build a visual language for a collection with forms, colour, movement and compositions. Elements of the language form complex yet harmonious animations. Cascading structure with human error in animation timing yields more than 10+ Millions frames for a perfect loop. The whole piece can be examined from the beginning till the end, only in a few thousand hours at a 50 fps video. I rehearse the language prior to the performance but let my intuition and emotions affect the art piece as I stand in front of the audience at that specific Spacetime. 

Live Animation Performance
I paint and animate in real-time. Use Tagtool as my primary tool, and experiment with many apps such as Looom and Alchemy. I am bounded by time and hardware limitations. No colossal render processes or code lines to generate images. 


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I am the hybrid. I believe in revision.

Artist Bio

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